Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Greatttttttttttttttttt day

I didn't want my whole 2010 blog to be emo, grouchy and gloomy. So decided to blog about a really great day yesterday. Haha... Close to perfect in fact :-)
Actually, i suppose in comparison to the emo mood i was in last Monday, the days have just gotten better as the days passed. I didn't get a chance to meet him last week, but we at least chatted 2 days. And i gave him an analogy about carrots and horses. So came Saturday morning, i was surprised by the baby carrot.
But hey, the blog is supposed to be about what happened yesterday. So let me get back to it. Haha.. Rambling, rambling, rambling.
The day started out great with a small white rabbit hopping in. So had a small free case. No TC, no hard work required. Deal done in 15 mins. So i'm thinking great... What a way to start the new month. Then off to Main branch to meet 2 clients who were also ready to do some investments. All in all, i closed 3 different people yesterday. Some sort of record for me. But, success at work only makes me moderately happy. Somewhere at 5ish, my phone beeped. And although i was still with my customer i could not help but steal a glance at my phone. Hmmmm.... Guess what, he texted me. Yippie!!!!!!!!
He asked if i was free to meet up. Even not free also must say free la... This is a non planned meeting man. Of course, it was more of a trade coz he said we might meet on Wed if he was free. But this was a confirmed meet rather then a tentative meet so i guess its a good deal. So after i closed my client, i was already in a super duper good mood. And Boss said i could go home after i did another trade of Tcing the rest of the week so i could go off. Haha....
Was going to buy him a cake to help him celebrate his success last week, but was so darn hungry having not eaten all day that i decided i really needed to eat first. I still had enough time to go buy a cake and meet him, but just as i stepped into the house, he texted to say he could meet me earlier and we could even do dinner. Damn.... Had to forgo the dinner coz i just had dinner, had to forgo buying the cake coz he was there already.
So, met him, chatted a little. He's sick with fever. Felt a little sad when i saw him coz he looked real tired and had a headache. Its weird really. Had really weird feelings. Like i was damn glad that we met up, i mean, he completed my close to perfect day. But was sad that he was sick. And he refused to kiss me. And his excuse was that he was sick and didn't want to pass the virus to me. But he did say he loves hugging me. So i guess that's fine... But to counter off the lack of pretty kisses, he gave me a keychain which he said he say and liked and bought for me. But somehow, i get the feeling that it was probably a present from someone else, and he passed it along. Oh well... at least he gave me something. Can't even remember when was the last time i received any gifts from him. Even a simple one....
Probably my bday this year. But even then, the present that he gave me was not something he bought. So, maybe 2008 Christmas? OMG.... That seems damn long ago lah... So all in all, it was a rather good day other then the fact that if he was not sick it would have been perfect. And maybe if i had managed the cake.
Ok i admit. I am a sucker. Small simple gesture... i am swooning... But i suppose in his way, he is trying to dish out the baby carrots.... Kudos to him.
And that.. was my GREAT day. Let's keep fingers and toes crossed for more to come! Yeah!

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