Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day after

Yup. It was a horrid day yesterday. He was acting up and acting childish. Maybe as i feel more and more disheartened, all i want to do is withdraw inwards.
We met today for breakfast. I know he was feeling down. I played the role of the friend perfectly. I listened and i didn't make any comments. Afterwards, he said he didn't want me to ask him so many questions. I sms and replied him that i would play my role perfectly.
But at that point of time, all i could think of was, i suppose all of us have roles to play and perfect in whatever we do. I remember i wrote once that we are all sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, teachers etc. But isn't it pointless for him to not be able to accept me for who i am? That my questions stem out of concern rather then being kaypoh.
But if it makes him happier, that's what i'll do. I keep reminding myself that its for the next 30 days only. But it's easier this way as well i guess. The more he acts up and treats me this way, the more i am fearful and scared of him and withdraw inwards. So i suppose that is the silver lining to the cloud.

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