Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not so favourable day

Today, i noticed he was a little down and grouchy. I really just wanted to cheer him up. Not that i didn't need any cheering up myself. I did too. But as usual, with me, i guess when he is happy, he makes me happy as well. I suppose i have to understand that he is feeling a little down. And not take what he says to heart. But it really is getting more and more painful hanging on.
Sometimes, the words that you say hurt someone whether or not it was intentional. I guess today was one of those days. I bit my tongue and held back the tears. Because i've come to realize that we cannot both be grouchy on the same day. It just doesn't work this way.
The days that i hold dear in my heart are gone. I know i have to accept this. But why is it wrong when i just want to cheer him up and make him happy? Or is it my very presence that is upsetting him? Whatever happens, i wish him happiness.... sighz

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