Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Amazing Power Of a "Belief" - Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

What is the true power of a thought?

Just last week one of the entrepreneurs I work with wondered why he could "never seem to get ahead financially."

I've done everything all the self-help books tell me to do," Edward explained. "I've set goals, I've visualized, I've done to one seminar after another -- but I still can't seem to get any more money in my life."

"Tell me," I asked, "what you BELIEVE to be true about having more money."

Here's his list of beliefs about money:
  • I just can't seem to make any more money.
  • I have hit my peak financially.
  • It is just hard to make money.
  • The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.
  • I really can get along OK without more money.
  • The tax man will just take it anyway.
  • I do not want to sell my soul just to have more money.
Many people will agree with his list. So what's wrong here?

The basic problem is this: Edward's internal *belies* about money do NOT support his desire for more money in his life. In fact, his beliefs actually negate his desire.

**How Beliefs Run Our Lives
We each have a set of beliefs and assumptions for ever area of our life: From money to success - from relationships to your body image. And most of these beliefs go way back into your childhood.

So what?

Because of the very nature of belief, we truly BELIEVE them to be true. In fact, we automatically assume a belief is true without even thinking about it.

Edward BELIEVES he would have to 'sell his soul' to get more money in his life, and the 'tax man would just take it anyway'. And he also believes he has 'hit his peak financially', and 'really CAN get along without more money.'

Does that sound like a set of beliefs that support his desire to have more money in his life?

Have you examined your subconscious beliefs about what you 'say' you want to create in YOUR life?

**The Power of a Belief
Most of us are willing to scrutinize all aspects of ourselves, but can get very defensive if someone dares question our beliefs.

We assume our beliefs are beyond question. So they often remain unquestioned, and can simply run right over any goal that goes against them.

**Science in Action
But I discovered the scientific truth behind how a thought can overturn a belief when I first began to use biofeedback in a clinical environment.

I especially recall the wife of a prominent local surgeon, She came to me hoping biofeedback would provide some releif form her crippling back pain.

Mrs Robbins (not her real name) had been in an especially nasty high speed car crash three years earlier. She had wrenched her back, and her back pain had never healed.

She hobbled into my clinic leaning heavily on a cane. Her physician husband was recommending surgery, and she was only trying biofeedback on a whim.

In the first session we discovered her belief that she would never heal from the trauma (her best friend had died in the crash).

I attached biofeedback sensors to her back, and we both observed the computer feedout as she painfully attempted to move her legs. Then i hooked up the sensors to her arm, and had her tense, then relax, her muscles. She clearly saw the difference between relaxed and tense on the computer screen.

Then I suggested that her back pain 'might' be muscle bracing that had become a chronic habit -- and proposed an experiment in which she would just 'think' about allowing her back to relax.

We placed sensors on her back again and I turned the screen away from her as she began to think about allowing her back to relax. Sure enough, the spikes reduced dramatically. When I rotated the screen so she could see it, her jaw dropped.

The power of her thoughts had immediately reduced the muscle spasms in her back. I asked her how her back felt. She was even more amazed. The skin had begun to warm as her circulation was partially restored.

After only three biofeedback sessions she was able to release the muscle spasms in her back with a single thought. And a few weeks later the cane was gone.

She had cured herself from a crippling belief (I don't think I'll ever heal) with a single powerful alternative belief ( I can relax the muscle spasms in my back.)

Old beliefs CAN be replaced with success-affirming positive thoughts.

**Replacing Limiting Beliefs
Replacing limiting beliefs requires dealing with the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are attached to those beliefs.

If you do have a limiting beliefs, your ANTs will constantly reinforce those beliefs. The only way to stomp ANTs is to creat new positive beliefs to replace the old negatives!

It does NOT matter if you believe these new positive beliefs at first.

Go ahead and read that sentence again!

Your mind is a creature of habit. The more often you consciously focus on your new positive beliefs, the faster they will be taken into your subconscious mind and replace your old limiting beliefs.

Do a mental house-cleaning and get rid of those ANTs.

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