Thursday, September 18, 2008

goodbye is just so tough

It's hard to know how to begin this letter,
I just wish my words would serve me better.
The hardest thing I ever did was let u go,
Because my actions displayed what my heart couldn't show.
I hope you're happy, content and well.
These I long to hear you tell.
But alas, I'll never again hear your voice,
Though not through my own choice.
But maybe it's better this way,
Because what's there left to say
Except for a sad sigh
And one last goodbye.
I cared for you more than you could ever know.
Your such a great person, your truly an amazing.
I regret when we fight, I don't think its right.
When ever I see you hurt the only person I blame is me,
I hate it when you in pain for I love thee.
I wish life wasn't so complicated,
I am tired of us always being hated.
I wish you the best with what ever you chose to do,
I want you to know, no matter what, i will always love you.

Sharing a day with you is quite fun..
to witness the most beautiful sunset with you
will always be a beautiful sunrise in my heart
we may go separate ways
live different lives
you will always be the only one
whom can fill that space in my lonely heart
your sweet melody turns a lovely harmony
that mixes different colors and hues
in my lonesome nights
with a cold blowing air
and bright moon and stars
memories of ours...

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