Thursday, September 04, 2008

what i want??

Maybe when they say man are from mars and woman are from venus, there was some truth in it.

Despite all the thoughts you have written to me in the form of your chinese messages, only one thing remains true from all the love stuff that you've put in so much effort and time to write. The whole idea of love is all grand and great. Every woman will have her take on what she wants in a love relationship or a relationship for that matter. Every woman will give you her version of what sort of relationship she is looking for.

So the rich man will have his number of women surrounding him. Because these group of women believe that money is love. That their husbands or loved ones being able to provide for their shopping and for them to live in a big mansion is the sort of love relationship that they are looking for. There is no need for them to connect with their husbands on an emotional level.

The man who sweet talks will also have his fair share of women surrounding him. Because these group of women will believe everything that the man says. That they feel happiest when the man around them heap praises and words of sweet nothings. That is their idea of a love relationship and how it works for them.

The man who is extremely bring will also have women surrounding him, albeit as he grows older. Women who have gone through other relationships that have failed will find that this man is the sort of person who embodies love for them as he will not stray. And that is the sort of love relationship they want.

Each different man attracts a different form of woman. Just like each woman will attract her fair share of men into her life. The point i am trying to make is that there is no one perfect love model. There is no one CORRECT love relationship or RIGHT love relationship. Which is why there is this element of a relationship that everyone talks about, knows about but doesn't quite have something to define it. And that element is called chemistry. I would like to call it a flow. A movement that knows no boundaries and things just happen and somehow, when the things happen, you just feel right about it. Notice when people talk about love, they talk about how right it FEELs, talk about how it makes them FEEL, talks about the WARMTH, the LOVE.. all these are words that you cannot really define. Just like FAITH. TRUST. Words that you cannot define but which you need to experience.

Each person's experience with all these things are different. Just like with any one incident that happens, my take of it will not be exactly the same as your take from it. Because together with the incident, many people carry along with them life long experiences and baggage. And therefore the interpretation of one event differs from man to man, woman to woman.

So what do i want from a man you might ask? I want my man to know that he loves me. That he wants me. That i make a difference in being in his life. That in my own little ways and special ways, i touched him. And we both strive to make US happen and US work. I want to know that he puts time aside from his busy schedule to make time so that he can see me and spend time with me. I want to know that when the going gets tough, he thinks of resting in my arms because i generate a sort of warmth for him. i want to know that when my load is heavy, he will hold my hand, ask me to take a rest, ask me not to worry that he's there. But more importantly, because i am a pleaser, i need to know that he needs and wants me. Not just while we are out, not just while we face the different challenges life throws at us constantly, but even while we are lying in bed next to each other. That he desires me. =)

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