Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fixing a broken heart

I wonder whether it's possible to fix a broken heart. I wanted to run out and inflict pain on my body, so that i would not feel the pain inside. But i also wanted to wait for him and see if there was a chance to see him.
I got my chance. We met. But i could see the disappointment in his eyes. And i once again teared. Teared that i have failed him. That i have screwed things up. That i have hurt him. And in so hurting him, i have hurt myself. I told him my heart ached. I read his postings on his blog, and i knew that he was hurt too.
I don't trust myself any longer. That the things i do, feel etc can inflict pain and hurt in another person. I looked into his eyes and felt far worse for i have hurt him. I so very much want to make it up to him. But is it possible to fix a broken heart?

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