Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Superman got married

What a tiring day. It was raining cats and dogs since morning and all i could think about was, what a gloomy day for a wedding. It turned out fine. Went to the bride's place early in the morning to help them out. Turned out that close to 20 brothers came up to pick up the bride. Had about 6 cars. And i guess in a way, it was pretty grand. Then did the usual stuff that people do in the morning before sending all the philippine friends back to the hotel and also for me to rush off for my meeting.
Headed back to the hotel after that to once again help out with whatever they needed help with before proceeding to witness their solemization. It was a touching moment for me once again. I guess somehow, being a romantic at heart, i love to watch people get married. It fulfills the criterion of my fairytale world. Anyway, went back upstairs to doll up after the short session of hearing two people that i've come to love say I DO.
Spent a fair amount of time dolling up. It did help that i had professionals doing my hair and makeup. Felt like i was a star last night as well. And i guess it was reassuring that everyone comment just how beautiful and ladylike i looked. And women never tire of hearing compliments. Saw TG finally at about 7.45pm. He wasnt all that late. And i guess i was pretty pleased when he said, wow, u look beautiful tonight. But that was all the good stuff for the rest of the night. From there, the night went downhill.
I was looking forward to sitting next to him during dinner. If not, why bother dressing up and dolling up and also putting in so much effort to impress? And well, as with all good things coming to an end, we sat across each other at the same table. He spent the night talking to everyone at the table except me. Yu Beng and i talked to each other, more so coz we were bored with the dinner conversation that was going on around us. For a celebrity, he was sure a nice guy to chat with. haha. Was freezing cold as well. I mean with what little i wore, plus the rain, plus the aircon. And when i told TG that i was cold, he turned to his friend and ask his friend to lend me his jacket. What a dork. Ended up borrowing a jacket from Lester. Damn.
And TG left straight after dinner, citing work and tiredness as his two reason. I did ask him why he chose not to seat next to me. And as usual, he had his own plethora of excuses, saying that he tot that sitting at the same table was all that mattered. And being the sweet mouth he was, he said, hey, no worries, lets meet up this week. Say Tuesday. And then he left.
I left coz i knew i would cry if i hung around any longer. TG messaged later to say he misunderstood me when i said sit together. And that there was no need for us to be so obvious. And at the same time, he said that maybe he missed my expectations. And i didn't feel good at all. So after that when i was more calm, i went back in to join the after dinner party. We drank and drank and drank. Didnt help that i was upset. So by close to 1, i was done with drinking, wanted my ciggies, but couldn't find them, so one of the best man accompanied me up to the room to pick up my pack, and that was the end of the night as far as i can remember. Haha
Woke up this morning with a major hangover, asleep on the couch and freezing. One of the guys later took a blanket and covered me. Real sweet of him. And when the rest of the drunk people woke up, i immediately hijacked a bed and slept till late afternoon. Still suffering from the effects of hangover while at dinner and meeting. Damn. Its been a while since i drank so much. Or maybe its just the mood.
Talked to TG a little on MSN today. And as usual, i feel like an idiot for being the way i was. I knew that the wedding was no place to discuss what happend, and it would have resulted in me being sad and crying. And i guess it wouldn't be nice if that happened. So, saved it for the evening when i saw him online. Now i finally understand what he meant by the fact that singaporeans are stupid sometimes as we do not know how to use words to aid us to avoid a confrontation, And it dawned on me just what he meant, i begin to wonder just what sort of friend has he been? Have all that he said been merely words> Words to pacify and words such that i would not stay pissed with hiM? Is he even a true friend?
Here's wishing the both of them the best. I really do love them like my sister and brother. And as i think how romantic it is, i question my own heart. Where is the line between realism and being romantic? Head vs heart. The ultimate question.

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