Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fishing for compliments

It was rather hilarious now that i think about it. Was out shopping with the girls the other day and bought this purple/maroon top. It was meant for girl's wedding, and since she liked the top and she did mention if i cannot find a dress for her wedding, i am permitted to wear the top and pants, i bought it. Not that i was real comfortable with the idea of not being able to wear a bra with the top.
Anyway, it was Superman's friend's birthday party last night and i knew that somehow, he would have been invited. And i guess i wanted to dress to impress. Come to think of it, i've slowly started the make up and nicer jeans and top thing since i've known him, but guess i've never really bothered to dress up just to go out to party. Anyway, was dressed to the nines, or so i thought.
It felt good that everyone that imet that day complimented on just how hot and sexy they tot i looked. And it was sweet, coz i don't really figure myself for the hot and sexy type. More the fit and athletic type. So, the comments were refreshing. But yet i knew at the bottom of my heart, that everyone can compliment me, and it doesn't really matter. What matters was the compliment from the one person who chose to turn up after midnight, and didn't say a thing about my dressing.
Oh well, i guess i have to live with the fact that seriously, i doubt i'm his kind of girl. So maybe, no matter what i wear, i will not be looking any better or any worse. I will just be me..

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