Sunday, December 11, 2005

Marrying off my best friend

Someone made the most apt remark during dinner. He said, you gals look like you are marrying off your sister. The two jie meis looked at each other and as we smiled and nodded our heads, a tear dropped. She hurriedly wiped it off and said, cannot tear tonight liaoz. If not all the mascarra will be gone.
And what words of wisdom.
It really felt like i was marrying off a younger sister. Especially at the point of the video montage where we saw our secondary school picture where we still looked super geeky then. And how much have we grown and blossomed since then. How much more have we learnt about life and how have we handled all the things life has thrown to us over the years.
It was not just her wedding that made the whole day emotionally draining, it was rushing between two weddings, and having to make a choice about giving up going for the third that made it so.
I could only be jie mei to one of the two girl friends that were getting married. So it had to be my best friend. After all, i guess we aren't called best friends for nothing. So, the morning started at 6am where we reached her place to prepare for the arrival of the xiong dis. Thank goodness i was planning to spend the whole day out. So i bought two dresses along. Got the first one stained with grease. The xiong dis were really sporting i think. Went for a morning swim, did a dance, ate potent stuff and all that nonsense.
Anyway, proceeded with gg back to his place for the tea ceremony, going out to take some pictures, and back to her place for tea ceremony.
Then i rushed down for the other church and luncheon. Missed the church though. And lo and behold, who should i meet at the wedding. Yes, lots of friends ranging from college, to uni, to eusoff and also netballers. The usual bunch at all of our weddings to come i presume. And i saw mad driver there. He noticed me first incidentally. Was super shocked when he came up behind me and said, see you outside for a smoke.

Haven't seen him for some time now. And he still looks the same. We chatted a little, and apparently he and the groom were childhood mates. HA.. What a small world. Anyway, we smoked together like twice, and he asked me how come i seem a lot more distant then usual. Guess i was just tired. It had been a draining day. Not to mention all the emotions that swept past.
Went back to the hotel to start and help prepare for dinner. Had the guest list to settle, making sure of sequence of events. And etc, etc, etc.
Dinner went smoothly. Didn't have to help girl drink much. Only left her to drink with the people that she met her hubby with. And well, finally i'm home.
I guess seeing two close friends get married today, and more invitations to come, really makes me wonder if people get married due to true love or due to being so used to each other. The first couple have been dating for 5 years now. The second, 5 mths. Interesting.
And as i blog and i recall the day's events, i think about someone so special to me lately. And there is a warnth in my heart. Alright, really need to hit the sack. Have 3 hrs of sleep before i need to be at training. Yawn

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