Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A not so long one

Just thought of writing a long post since i am waiting for time to pass anyway. Its called the long one, coz i have absolutely no idea what the topic is going to be about. I have been reading my previous posts and the comments that have been generated. Didn't know that many people respond or rather read and write in people's blogs in hope that they will respond and generate traffic in their own sites. Is everything nowadays about money?
Had an interesting topic of conversation with someone yesterday. Had to think had about certain matters. Is money really that important? And yet at the end of the day, what can you do if you have no money? Would a poor man think that money is the most important thing in the world, if he had a family of 4 to feed and yet, each day, jobless, he brings no bacon and bread home? Or would a rich man feel that money means nothing to him. After all, he has so much that it will take several lifetimes to spend it all.
Then a topic of interest came about in Sunday's newspaper. About a person who was using a handicapped toilet. And she was penalised for it. Funny how people are talking about equal opportunities, and yet want special treatment at the end of the day. Its like 100 yrs ago, if you were to say, well, woman would one day run the world, or be so involved in politics that they yield as much power as men, people would think you to an idiot. Spluttering nonsense. And yet, look how far we have progressed. And yet, it was kinda funny thinking of woman at that time who were fighting for equal rights and yet, accuse a man of not being a gentleman if he doesn't hold the door open for her. Haven't people already figured out there is nothing called equality. We can say we have progressed and that we have grown. But we cannot say we are looking at equality. Woman and man will never be equal. Its our make and our backgrounds that will never make us equal. We both appeal to different things. We don't have to appeal to the same things or same traits. We need to complement each other. I do hope i do not get shot down for voicing out such comments.. haha
Not sure what to write abt actually... maybe it will be a short one after all. Ha..
Have decided that its time to go back to school. Haven't really shared much of this thought with anyone just yet. I guess there is a time and place for everything. And somehow, this suddenly feels like its the correct time to start doing this and doing that. Maybe its coz its the year end and i feel like i'm gg to be one year older again and i better start doing something about it. Funny how these things work. Never quite sure. But i guess when the motivation is strong enough, its time to act on my instincts and move that butt. Rather then sit and wait all day long.
Was just mentioning to a friend that for some time now, i have felt that my life is incomplete. But suddenly, it feels complete all over agian. How can that be? How can one's life change overnight? Is it merely the perspective that has changed or maybe its the fact that i've found new purpose in my life and therefore, am feeling this way? And what would my purpose be? Tough question to answer. I have no idea really. I just know that there are a lot of things to do, a lot of things to accomplish. And yet, maybe with each passing day, i'm growing older, and one day, i don't want to look back and say, what the heck, i wish i had done that.. or this.. or that..

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