Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great bike ride

Alright. Just came home from training and picking Dad up coz couldn't leave Mum and Dad alone at home alone. So dropped him off before going for my run and bike session with the ENR people. Great ride for me today, though i cramped for the first time after riding. But i suppose it's worth it. Managed to hit a max speed of 38km/h. Eh, max meaning, hit then that's it. But still, it felt great, even if for a minute only. But, after hitting that speed, i was out. Felt my legs hurting, my lungs burning. So, speed went down to between 28-32km/h. Still felt great, coz final average speed was 28km/h. Managed to keep the tail lights in sight for like 6km before they pulled away. Probably about the time where my legs were burning. But felt good today. Also managed to squeeze in a 8km run before biking. Pace was about 6min/km. So, not too bad. Rather pleased with myself actually =)

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