Friday, April 25, 2008

Silly Monkey

Eh, i know i'm a silly monkey. And sometimes even i cannot understand myself. Sigh.. But no guesses to who called me just and made my day. Sorta. Actually i was not sure who it was. Just registered a missed call on my phone. So i called back and his voice filtered over the phone line. I know i am supposed to be way over him... But can i be entitled to a couple of minutes to swoon over the fact that he called. Although i admit i called him 2 days ago and he was returning my call.
Anyway, he said he called coz he knew i was feeling upset. And really, i was the past couple of days. But i sorta worked it out last night and felt much better. Then again, it's always nice hearing his voice. And in his own goofy way, he makes me smile despite me saying i am angry with him. And yes, i was angry with him coz he forgot about my upcoming birthday. And he did promise to spend time together since we have not been spending much time together recently. Anyway, he probably knew i was upset with him. And really, when i put down the phone, i was feeling rather indifferent.
And he texted and i admit. I couldn't decide at that point whether i hated him more or loved him more. But the muscles around my mouth did twitch upwards even if it was for a while.
Ok. I've said it. And i admit i'm a silly monkey, silly goose. And we're so past each other. But, its still sweet of him to call. And end of the day, he still allows me to throw my silly tantrums once in a while and let me get away with it! Right.. Now that i'm done swooning over it, i can get on with the rest of the day and work that i have to get done and run him out of my mind and be just a little more determined to not make his words make me exceptionally happy as he always has the propensity to disappoint me... =P

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