Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 Days till Sundown

It's just another 2 days before Sundown. And i'm still coughing my lungs out and fluing away! Sighz. I'm really quite disappointed and i've done everything i could to will the cough away. Now all i can do is pray really hard that the cough and flu goes away miraculously tomorrow and i will have a day to readjust before running on Saturday night. =(
The last couple of days have been pretty topsy turvy for me. A couple of highs and lows. But i suppose end of the day, that is probably what life is all about! The constant cycle of highs and lows.
Of course since i've been sick since last week, i have not had the chance to train even the slightest bit. And i suppose at times, we never value and treasure the things that are right before our eyes. Generally, we take for granted the things that surround us. Especially our health. And it is at times when i am sick, coughing my lungs out where i wish i had taken more care of myself. Made more of an effort to rest when it was time to rest rather then stress my body unduly. It's not the first time i've been sick so close to a race. Very often, people around me think i am cutting it too closely, as with most things i do in life. And is it really sufficient to just rest a day, recover and go for a race? Probably when i was younger and the passion and drive to want to compete got the better of me, i would tell you without a doubt that i would race. That even if i drop dead after crossing the finishing line, it would satisfy the very sinister part of me. Now, i'm not really sure what my answer would be. In fact, i have very mixed feelings even at this point of time as to whether i would compete or not. Maybe it's due to the fact that as i grow older, i feel that there are many more considerations or maybe it is in tune with the chinese saying, resting so that you can walk a longer journey.
Other then that, have been working a little harder this month and hanging out with friends quite a bit this month. Friends have been helping me take away the feeling of helplessness in not being able to train and not being able to do very much with races just round the corner. And with June just round the corner and a horrible first quarter production, i figured it was time to buck up on my work and just put in that little more effort. And seems either this is my lucky month or that little more effort is paying off. Had 4 referrals already this month and things look positive at this point of time. Just waiting to sign the papers. And 2 more cases that are a 80% close, coz they are very keen in buying. So, that means if all goes well, by end June, i will have 6 insurance policies settled. =) It doesn't really matter what the case size is, just the numbers at this point coz my numbers look weak.
So, i guess all in all, things have been rather positive looking. So if you read this far, you must be wondering, a lot of highs, where are the lows. Hehe... Eh, let me give u the abridged version. Met new guy, date new guy, have lots of fun together. The low, new guy is married. Seems like when it comes to relationships, i can constantly get it wrong. But i suppose, one day i'll get it right. =)

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