Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Vesak Day and the long weekend!

The supposedly long weekend came and left so fast that i feel like i haven't even rested enough. Ok. Could be due to the fact that while i was supposed to rest, i didn't. Anyway, the last 3 days went as follows. Saturday morning woke up at 3am, headed to Turf Club to catch the foreign horses do track work. Bloody Japanese must request for the 4am slot. So had to make sure we were there before 4am so that can take pictures of them at track work. Finished and returned home at about 9am. Then went for a short easy swim. Did exactly 30 laps and then it was back home to shower, change and off to Turf Club again. It was a super hectic day as the first 9 races were all cup races. So, barely enough time to do everything that needed to be done! Plus, there was 1 less backup photographer today, so had to be 101% alert. Good thing i didn't miss a single shot and managed to take a couple of nice pictures. But quite lucky coz some of the more lao jiao photographers were super helpful and one guy even reminded me to on flash in the champagne room, coz first race i forgot to bring the flash downstairs. Hehe. Races ended at close to 8pm, headed home to put all the equipment down before heading out to dinner. Finished dinner close to 10pm, then met Alvin for coffee.
Sunday woke up early, had to go for Trifam Sprint. Sprint was 750m swim, 18km bike and about 5km run. Although i suspect the run route was only 4.5km. Anyway, woke up quite early in fact. Considering i slept at 1 plus, woke up at 4.30am. Laid in bed for some time deciding whether to go for the sprint or not. Quite funny lor. If i psyched myself up to race, then i will be very stress and anxious. Then will think of not turning up. But if i say take it easy, no stress, then i wake up and feel like not in the mood to race, so can don't go. Haha... But it was a good thing i spoke to Xiao Ying the night before and said i would be there. Plus i figured since already wake up, then take it as a sign that i should go for it. Not say wake up late, overslept etc. But on the entire drive there, i was getting more and more jittery. Jurong to Coastal road is quite far. Enough time for the thought of turning back to recur in my mind many times. I felt like i wasn't prepared. What if cannot finish. Haven't been training much lately. All these negative thoughts plagued my mind non stop. Finally reached race site. It was less intimidating then the NUS biathlon that i did coz there were a lot more familiar faces this time round and before race can walk around and chit chat. Made me calm down a little. But chit chat chit chat, then hardly did any warm up and stretching. Hehe..
Just before the race, i asked myself if i wanted to set a target for this race and what i wanted to achieve. But since this is my first tri race, albeit a sprint event, i told myself that i just want to complete it. As usual, race objectives were, complete without walking during the run, not be last and before the 2hr cut off time. So, with simple baby step goals in mind, i went into the sea to wait for the sea start. Started swimming, not too bad. Sea a bit dirty, first 200m was a little crowded. Couldn't find my pace, couldn't feel my rhythm. Maybe coz never warm up. Hee.. The next 550m was easier, although went off course for a while. Came out of the sea and scraped my knees a little against something rough. But small issue. Feeling rather decent and strong still. Went into the transition area to pick up my bike. Took really really long there. I admit i need to work on this transition thingee. But i like to be clean and drive before i put on my tri top and get on my bike. Plus, i suppose because i didn't set any challenging targets for myself, i was very relaxed. So what if i took a couple more extra minutes in transition? =) Headed out for the bike route. Before race, my strategy was to take easy swim, bike hard and then easy run. Why? Coz practicing brick training for duathlon in June. So, i pedaled hard, managed to over take some people on the bike leg. But also got over taken a couple of times. But all in all, was pleased with my bike effort. Finished biking, went into transition again, and lost a lot of ground once again. Was little hesitant in moving off. Coz i heard Julzzz said Xiao Ying behind me, then thought maybe wait for her then can run together. By the time i came into transition, i had more then 45 minutes before cut off time. So i knew no matter how slow i run, i had more then sufficient time to finish the run. But waited quite a bit and didn't see her. Was chatting with Dion. Then cannot remember who tell me, transition not meant for socializing. So i pai seh, then started running. Took a slow easy run, encouraged 2 people along the way, and finally finished the race. Felt really glad and good. Stayed on to chat with some of the trifamers before giving Jerry a lift back home coz he biked to coastal road and heading home.

(Picture from top left (Clockwise) : Xiao Ying and I before the race, My bike and I, Out of the water, Looking good in the run =)
Love the bike pic! My first ever picture of myself while riding. Thanks to Julzzz and Xuan Jing for the beautiful pictures)

Reached home, took a short 20 minutes power nap, before it was off to the Turf Club again. It was a good thing racing only started at 3 plus. Which means if we reach at 2pm, it would be comfortable. So, got to Turf Club at about 2.15pm. From start to end of the day, everyone was highly strung. Biggest racing day of the Singapore Race Calendar. And the place was swarming with people. Plus security was extremely tight. So, all in all, i would say it was a horrid racing session for me. There were a lot of foreign reporters and journalist around and it was crazy. I finally understand the meaning of media circus. Damn. Everyone was fighting for a gap at the barriers so that can capture nice pictures. And it was a mad dash from paddock, to barrier. Running up, running down. Felt like i was doing another race. Run from upstairs, down to press box, down to paddock, to barriers, back up to owners lounge, back down to foreign media are to send pictures to HKJC, and back to barrier to take Krisflyer cup race. Last race ended at 9pm. But stayed on to edit pictures to send the edited pictures overseas for the HK media. Finally left club at 11pm. Nerves were super irritated. Not to mention i quarreled with dad 3 times at club over photo issues and all bo liao matters. Anyway, always like that one lah. He gets irritable, jittery and short tempered when there are a lot of things to do. Only coz he has no system in doing things. Sigh. So, finally at 11pm, i was tired, hungry and irritated. And you can't scold your dad. Anyway, Alvin came back to club to pick me up although he left after race 6. Sweet of him coz i was in a bad mood. We went for dinner and then went to chill out for a while. Only coz i didn't want to be home until the folks went to bed. Finally reached home at about 2 plus am, showered and went to bed at 3.30am. What a long long day.
Woke up early this morning. Was quite tired, but just woke up. Plus i was hungry. So wanted to look for food at home, but before i could find food, dad asked if i could help him deliver pictures. Although i was still angry with him for losing his temper at me the night before, i obliged. So went to Ubi to deliver the pictures for him and headed back towards home, hoping to stop for a little breakfast. Plus the sun was shining nice and bright this morning and hoping to get some swimming done before the crowd headed in to the pool. But was interrupted en route home when i received a call from dad saying that he couldn't send the pictures over to malaysia. Damn. So before i had a chance to take breaky, i was home once again, helping him send pictures to Malaysia. That took longer then expected and it was almost close to noon when i was done. By then, i was feeling really hungry, so took 4 slices of bread. Damn. Wonder why i grow fat some more. Anyway, was also feeling a little tired once again, so took a 45 minute nap before off i went to the Turf Club again. That's 3 days in a row i went to Club. Sighz. But with two days worth of cup races, there were a lot pictures that were not edited and printed yet. So had to go if not cannot give them their pictures on Friday or those that want pictures this week will not be able to get their pictures. But dad was working this afternoon so i was on my own at Club. Finally finished about 4ish, was super duper hungry again, so headed off to take some solid food. Came home close to 6pm, too full to swim, so decided to take another short nap before deciding what to do for the rest of the evening. Was texting a friend who said maybe will have coffee. But said later in the night. So thought i had time to squeeze in a half hour to an hour nap. Slept for 25 minutes, before the phone rang. It was my friend asking why i didn't reply sms. That he was downstairs already. So i crawled out of bed, changed and went to meet my friend for coffee. Came home after coffee and decided i really really need to sleep. But then decided i really really want to blog first. And now that i am almost done. I can finally SLEEP!!!!!!!!! Whoo Hoooooooooooooo

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