Sunday, May 11, 2008

Recurring dream

I've been having this same recurring dream for the last couple of weeks. Its super weird and but i can't seem to get it out of my mind. And the weird part is i seldom dream, but to keep having the same dream over and over again is indeed irritating. Sighz
In the dream, i killed someone. Somehow, the dream evolves on it's own. And in the earlier weeks, i only killed someone and hid the body. Last night, i didn't dream of killing the person. In my dream, i already knew i had killed someone. In the dream, i was thinking of ways to dispose of the body. The really weird thing is, although there is a body in front of me, i cannot tell who that person is. It almost seems like this person has no face and therefore i cannot identify the person. So, i kill someone, and i don't know who i killed. And it's also weird coz i've been having the dream for 3 weeks now, and i remember saying to myself in the dream that i had better dispose of the body before i get found out.
In the last 3 weeks, the body was hidden in this carton box. So, last night in my dream, i was actually going through the options of how best to deal with the body. Whether i wanted to dig a hole and bury it, whether i wanted to burn the body, chop it up into manageable pieces or grind it to dust. Alright, i suppose some of my suggestions sounds silly. But it's a dream =) And in the dream, i seem to think it queer that no one has come forward to put out a missing report on this person just yet. So, my dream consists of a person i killed, hidden in a carton box and me thinking of ways to dispose of the body. After that point, i wake up.
When this dream started a couple weeks back, it was just me killing the person and stowing the dead corpse in a carton box in the storeroom. If u wanted to know whether i stabbed a person or how the person died, i suffocated the person. Then every day, i get to the point where i tell myself that i will wait until the time is right before i dispose of the body. And then i wake up at this point. Last night was slightly different. I was actually pondering about my options and what i could do with the body. And i woke up after that.
The dream seemed so real and creepy that i really went to the storeroom this morning to see if the box that i packed the body away in really existed. Thankfully there was no such box. But it still is creeping me out. Maybe i should find one of those people that analyzes dreams and find out why i keep having this same dream and what it means!

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We're watching you.... :)