Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The weekend and Monday

It was a pretty decent weekend for me. Other then the really creepy dream, and the fact that i didn't ride over the weekend although i really really wanted to, but each time i woke up, it was raining, so i went back to bed only to realize that the sun came out after that. And since i missed biking on both days, i felt a little horrid initially. But it was all made up over the weekend with karaoke with Jaja. =) My no 1 darling! hehe. And after that, feeling guilty coz i didn't do anything over the whole weekend, i went for a long slow run. Did 20km in 2hrs 20min. Not too bad a time for my first slow long run in 6 weeks. Aching like mad still.
So basically, Sat woke up to a phone call from a friend who wants to give up his Sundown slot. So, now i will be taking part in the Sundown Marathon which i totally have not been training for. It is times like this where i wished i had spent more time running although i had no races to prepare for. Went for lunch with dad, then came home, went for coffee with a friend, before heading to meet Serene to try out the jie mei dress for her wedding and have coffee once again, and then Mother's Day dinner at Peach Garden. Came home intending to have an early nite, but the same person i went our for coffee in the afternoon asked to meet again, and after reading the very lengthy email he sent me, i decided maybe it was wise to meet up and have a face to face talk. So went out again, met him, talked to him and then it was home sweet home.
Sunday, woke up, went for breaky with the folks before walking aimlessly around the house for the longest of time, deciding whether i wanted to go swimming. Then Jaja msned and asked if wanted to go singing. Haven't sang for super long. So met up with her, went singing. Dion smsed to ask if wanted to run 15km. But already crooning away, so had to give it a miss. Came home, felt really bad and went for my own run instead. Eh.. more like jog lah. Average pace was 7min/km. Stretched really long, downed 2 100plus, and some noodles and it was off to bed.
Monday, woke up early, went for a short short jog, 3km only. Basically to stretch before and after more then to run. But it was amazing. I woke at like 6.20, had a light breaky, headed stretched for like half hour, before running for 20mins and stretching for another 25mins. Showered, then went for serious breaky. Felt hungry non stop today. After breaky, rushed to office for meeting. Was 5 minutes late actually, but as with all meetings, the last person to turn up was 45mins late. So i guess i was early. haha. The conclusion is my manager can repeat the same thing 100 times and never get bored. Either that or he only has that much to say, so, he just keeps repeating the same things. Meeting was supposed to end at 5pm, but he went on and on and on and on. Ok, you get the idea. Was thinking maybe today cannot swim liaoz. But he finished short of 6pm. Rushed home, took off makeup, changed, grabbed swim gear and it was off for swimming. Really glad i swam today. Felt so good after the swim. Was aching and hurting, but it's good pain. Please don't ask me what is good pain and bad pain. Go experience it for yourself. =P After swim, was actually feeling super duper hungry, as with the rest of the day, had a full plate of rice, which is something i hardly ever do. Chat for a while and now, i'm lying in bed, typing out this nonsense and about to say good nite to you! Nitez

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