Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cycling with ENR

This was probably the only thing that got saw me through the otherwise horrible plus boring day! Went into office, tried to log on to email, but didn't work. So i had to call IT dept to ask, then when the guy walked over, it suddenly worked. He must have thought i was an idiot. Sigh! Then network was damn slow in office, take forever to load. Tried to download msn into the laptop, after half hour still not done. And it took less then 10 minutes at home. Anyway, i kept telling myself tonight can go riding, so not so bad. Rushed home after that, took off makeup and headed for ENR. But traffic wasn't helpful. So was probably the last one to reach. Heard someone ask me hurry up. =(
Anyway, other then the less then perfect day, the ride was good. Average speed was actually 28.5km. Which means last week to this week got slight slight improvement. But it's good enough for me. I'm happy! Hee.. And i was watching my meter, only drop below 28 once and for less then a minute before i picked up again. So i'm really glad. It seems the cycling part is improving. Slowly but surely i will get to 30km/hr and beyond.
Then went for a short run with some of the ENR people. Must be those training for duathlon. I thought all running, coz the guy ask me put on my shoes and run. Actually, i was very hesitant to run, coz my quads still hurt. But tot since everyone running, then just join in lor. Wah lao eh.. see only like 6 people running. And at least 15 people turned up at ENR tonight. Hmmm.... thought go for slow slow run, but two of them were waiting, so had to up the pace. But damn tired... Anyway, one of the guys ran with me, then kept encouraging me. I'm forever super impress with people who can talk and run. For the life of me, even when i was at my fittest, i couldn't do that. I remember coach telling me once that was probably the only time they hear me shut up. Hee... So after run, shower and dinner.
Everyone had left for the dinner place already, so only me and Xiao Ying left, so we sit by ourselves, had dinner and chit chat. Until the foodstore uncle ask me why i eat so slow, coz he wants to clear the plate.. Hehe..
All in all, great workout.

Race updates:
Doing trifam sprint this Sunday 750m swim, 18km bike, 5km run.
Should be a good experience for me since i never do all 3 before. Never even do any training where i swim finish then straight off to bike. Need some getting use to. After swimming i generally like a nice shower. Hee..

Doing Sundown Marathon, 31st May. Start at midnight. As the name suggests, its run forest, run. 42km run. Took over from a swimming kaki coz he will not be in Singapore. If there was any honest mistake, this has got to be it. =P

Then 1 week later, Saab City Duathlon. 8 June. 10km run, 40km bike and 5km run. I think. Not sure. Signed up but for get what it is. Anyway, just go there have fun and see if i like it. =)

Then after that, no clear direction. Might be tempted to do Port Dickson, then eh.. OSIM? But like reviews for OSIM quite bad. So not sure yet. Alright. Zzzz monster is calling my name.. getting louder.. Nitez!

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