Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random thoughts

No specific title. So will have to settle on this. Honestly haven't done much since the trifam sprint. Oh wait, that was just two days back. But have been so busy that i have not really had the time to do much. Plus kinda tired. And it seems like every time after a race, i fall sick. =( It's a good thing i'm still on a high from the Trifam Sprint. Hehe
Went for a long swim today. Basically it was an easy swim, just trying to clock some mileage, getting back into the rhythm and getting comfortable in the water. Did warm up, then 500m pull buoy, 500m kicking and 500m swim. Two sets, cool down and i was out of the pool. But still feeling really weird and uncomfortable in the water. Can pull, can kick. But cannot put the two together to swim. Sighz...
Anyway, didn't do ENR tonight, coz didn't see any posting of it until late afternoon. Of which, by then, i thought there was no ENR and already agreed to go out with friends. So, no biking today. =( I'm beginning to enjoy biking more and more actually. hee..
Went for dinner with a friend and his friends. Hung out for a while after that, just sitting around, chatting and chilling. Nothing much to write really. Have some stuff in my mind, but haven't figured it and sorted it out yet. Will write tomorrow. Nitez

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