Friday, May 16, 2008

Just another day... Yesterday

Yesterday was a nice day! Went for a nice long run. Ok, not very long, but still, i had fun. Slow, comfortable and most importantly, very consistent pace! =) I don't even remember any run where the curve was totally flat and straight. But i suppose that is important, consistency during the Sundown Marathon.
Went running with Dion and Lloyd. Lloyd ran ahead of Dion and Me, while Dion and I slowly jogged at a pace where we were comfortable with. Pace after the run was 6.34min/km. Which is a nice easy, comfy pace for me and i think i will be able to last at this pace. Anyway, it was a good thing the guys were running with me as well, coz the reservoir was pretty dark and quiet at some places.
After the only 9km run, we went to eat Macdonalds. Hee... All the hard work gone to waste. But we were tired and lazy to travel, so just had dinner/supper there lah. But this morning when i weighed myself, i realised i put on weight. Could be the fact that i've been having suppers and going to sleep soon after each time after my night runs. Sighz.. Also dun know what to do. Don't eat then take a longer time to recover. Eat then grow fat. How?!?
Anyway, only 2 more weeks to Sundown, then after that can revert back to normal training of morning and evening.

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