Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My day

Woke up to ride with Dawn riders. They were really nice, dropped their pace to accomodate me. Ave speed was about 28km/hr. Then came back, showered, went to Turf Club. So cute, Alvin was telling me that i sure very long life one. Just before i appeared, Dr Yeoh, John, him and Sonny were talking about me. Classic case of speak of the devil =P Can u see my devil horns sticking out?
Went to the Hospice to meet the people who were supposed to pick up granduncle's body, then went to police post to settle his death cert and to surrender ic. Then went for breakfast, pop by office before coming home to take a short nap. Went for appointment, then went to the crematorium, and finally dinner with the family!
Was quite a quiet and more a family affair at the crematorium then anything else. Although a couple of granduncle's friends and neighbors turned up for the cremation. But mostly family. I must be growing old. I have 8 neices and nephews till date. Love the children. They're all so adorable especially Si Hui and Bryan. =) Ok i admit. I shouldn't have favorites among the children, but i really can't help it. Si Hui and Bryan are just so so so so cute. And Si Hui really knows how to tug on your heartstrings. Is it too obvious when i gave each of the children 2 packets of biscuits and gave the balance to Bryan and Si Hui evenly? Hee.. A bit too obvious rite? Will try harder next time.

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