Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Labour Day

Didn't manage to blog about how my birthday went coz basically i came back home at 6.30am this morning, took a shower, didn't even wait for hair to dry, before going to sleep. Was pretty tired actually! So how did my birthday go?
Went for lunch with Alvin. Headed to Raffles Marina for lunch and a slice of cake. I think he didn't even know it was my birthday. And i didn't see the need to enlighten him until after lunch. He was pretty shocked. Then ask me not to tell people that the cake is bought by him. Hee...

My Oreo Birthday Slice.
Anyway, after that, spent the rest of the day running errands before heading to meet friends for dinner. There, i had my first birthday cake of the year! There was a group picture, but the guy who was helping us take, didn't get it. And i didn't realize it until much later in the night. So no pictures for that. But here was the really nice birthday cake that i didn't get to eat. Notice that the cake is quite small? And to be able to cut 17 slices out of it already took a huge miracle on my part. Plus i'm quite hopeless at cutting cakes. Anyway, i actually was pretty close. Did 16 slices. So i skipped eating the cake. =( But still, was glad for the first and only cake i cut for my birthday this year!
Cake from Crystal Jade
Headed to Dragonfly soon after that. There was Me, Maurice, Pic, Esther, Wen Biao, Lindy, Mich, Jeannie, Donald, Ken, Stephen and Linda. 2 different groups of people and this year round, didn't even bother to sit together. So i just moved around a little, hanging out with both groups. Other then the fact that there was a huge crowd, the place was jam packed, and my first drink didn't come for close to an hour, the rest of the night was pretty enjoyable. Although i failed miserably in my mission to get myself drunk, i had a rather good time.
Anyway, thanks to everyone who smsed me, called me, wrote me emails, notes, sent me greeting cards and basically those that remembered my birthday! It feels good to know that you remembered! Especially to the group of people that called just before midnight and passed the phone around, i'm still trying to figure out who the last guy was. There was Hui Yan, Eldhi, Louise, Pete, Tracey, and who was the other guy? Hmmm... Anyway, thanks everyone. And here are some pics of the night!

So that's basically how my 28th Birthday went! =)

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