Thursday, May 22, 2008

How can something be so wrong and yet so right

Love is blind. Or so i have been told. But wait, i don't think i trust myself enough to love again. Maybe the occasional hugs and kisses are great. The company fantastic. And yet, there is still something wrong with the entire equation. Could it be Me? Could it be that i don't trust myself enough to put my eggs into the basket? Or that i don't trust myself enough to put two feet in.
There will always be two schools of thoughts i believe. One school of thought would be, why take the plunge? Put the little toe in to test the temperature before deciding whether the water is cool enough or warm enough, while the other school of thought is, unless u place yourself in, you never know how the water feels. Over the years, i would like to believe i have grown up and am now starting to be a little more matured and hesitant to take the first plunge. But, at the back of my mind, the saying, if you never try, you never know, resounds over and over again.
So the question then is, when do u think it is safe to take the plunge or when it is better to just chill out by the sea and just enjoy the scenery?
I definitely have no answer to this question. Because, when it comes to emotions, i often ask myself, how can something be so wrong and yet so right?
PS. Before you start flooding my inbox, there is no one in particular this post is for =P

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