Sunday, May 25, 2008

The last couple of days

Didn't blog the last couple of days. =(
Anyway, have not been training as well. Last run done was 5km run on Thursday evening. Was supposed to head down to TP to join the guys, but left work late, so ran on my own. But felt shitty half way through the run and decided to call it quits after 5km.
Should have listened to my body and rested more after not being able to complete my original 10km run. But, Jaja called and decided to go meet her for drinks instead since there was nothing much to do at home as well. Got pissed drunk. It's been a long time manz. Long time as in i've gotten so drunk that i had to puke so many times within the night. I always say i'm going to stay off alcohol when that happens, but somehow, i forget rather easily the lousy feeling that comes with going on a drinking binge. =)
Woke up on Friday morning with a massive hangover. And to top off the hangover, i had a slight fever, flu, cough and a bad throat. I'm not sure if it had to do with the deprived sleep coz of hanging out for the last couple of nights, or the drinking, or my body was basically tired, or all of the above, but felt quite crappy after that. =( But i couldn't really sleep coz not very tired, so hung out with a friend for a while before heading down to Turf Club for the races.
Woke up pretty early this morning, which was a joke since i couldn't train with the throat and cough and flu still hanging around. The fever was an on/off thing. Took the medication, before heading back to sleep again. Woke up, felt slightly better and decided to go out. Was supposed to meet up with TG, but as usual, he was busy with work and begged off on the fact that he had to rush a report out. Was a little disappointed i guess.
But was still rather determined to hang out rather then stay couped up at home. So went out with a friend for a while. Then went for dinner and did some shopping coz toiletries were on the low. Spent the rest of the evening at home, watching tele.
Caught the channel 5 show, mindhunters. Thought the show was pretty great! Impressed with the storyline and plot. I like shows that require me to think and have a twist to the ending. Anything predictable is BORING!
I guess it's time to head off to bed. Although, before i go, this thought has been running through my mind the whole day. Curtain call. Hmm, will give it a little more thought and blog about it when i wake up i guess. =) Nitez

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