Monday, May 05, 2008

Brand new start to the week

It's another week starting Monday! Woke up early to run, hoping i'll be able to fit in a long run after last night's horrid run session where i started to feel a horrid pull at my calf muscles after 3km. OMG, if this keeps up, i cannot imagine how the duathlon which i signed up on impulse will go. *sighz
Anyway, ran slow and steady, at about 7min/km. I know i was probably crawling. But i did my best to stretch the run for as long as i could. Didn't work out too well. At 5km, my calves were screaming and moaning. I knew i had to stop. =( This is getting rather disappointing. But have decided if i cannot do long runs, then i suppose doing 2 sessions a day, accumulated, i would still be doing the mileage i need to do. Although i know i'm probably cheating on this, but better then nothing.
Just came back after lunch appointment. Didn't go too well. But i suppose that's my fault too. Didn't do enough background work on this guy, plus i think i gave a pretty lousy presentation. Anyways, always good to have more practice so that when opportunity comes knocking, i'm all ready! =)

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