Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thinking Cap

I bought a really intelligent cap just now! It convinced me to part with $30 of my hard earned money. Its a green and white cap. Although there are those that tell me its silly to put on a green cap coz in chinese, its like dai4 lui4 mao4. I'm just happy with this thinking cap. Its gotten me out of my grumpy monthly blues and thats all that matters
Although Superman laughed when he saw the picture. Said i have to get rid of this retail therapy habit. But i think i will always be contented with the simple things in life. Let's see what the thinking cap can do in the next few days! Yippie......
You know, i'm happy now! Went with 2 colleagues after a mtg to buy the cap. And they were commenting how easy it was for me to be happy. Well, i guess thats a good thing ain't it? Sorta.. Oh or it could be my good luck cap. Made it to the 3rd round of auditions. Tml is auditions... Will update again.. back to the drawing board. I want to walk out of auditions tml knowing that i got the job!

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