Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tired tacky Tuesday

Slept a total of 3 hours in 3 days. I'm extremely shacked out. Am half contemplating what the fuck i am doing, typing my blog when i should be going to bed already. But i guess, i just want to write a little before heading to bed.
Its been terribly tiring the past few days. Maybe it really is a mistake to coach POE this time round. But then again, i've given my word and commitment to people and its not nice to back out.
My lack of sleep affected my performance today. I guess its really just an excuse. But, i guess i was kinda affected by the statement that Boss made. That i'm not seeing you at your fullest potential. I know this is what i want. And i've really been working at it. And yet, there is still conflict. I know i will have to resolve this before i make the next step, if i still have another break at it. Screwed up auditions today. It was super pressuring as i know some of the trainers came in specially just to watch my segment. And general consensus was that it was a really lacklustre performance for someone who has presence and charisma.
Somehow, i feel like i've lost it. Used to be able to call on my personality to carry me through a performance and even a presentation. But today, nothing came out. Maybe i really just need some sleep and tomorrow will be a better and brighter day.

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poet said...

loved your poem from September 6th