Sunday, June 08, 2008


Yeah! Haha... I also dun know why i so happy since i DNS this morning!
Anyway, i didn't go for my City Duathlon. But after reading the reviews for the race, i'm sorta glad i didn't turn up. Woke up at 5am, and after washing up, did some stretching and warm up. And then i asked myself if i really wanted to do the race. Somehow, Julzzz's words kept resounding in my head. Plus yesterday evening when Dion smsed me and tell me there will always be other races and better if don't push my body. So i decided to head all their advice, and crawled back into bed. =) Ok. The truth is also i didn't feel prepared at all coz whole week never work out. Haven't gotten on my bike since 2 Sunday's ago trifam sprint. Plus, i haven't even tested my legs to see if they would run well today!
But judging from the horrid reviews i heard about the event, i am pretty glad i missed it. At least i don't have to wash bike, wash running shoes, gear etc, since transition area was damn muddy. But i suppose i'll always feel like i'm not prepared enough for my events. But next race should be Port Dickson Tri. And by hook or by crook, i should be taking part! No more excuses. Which means, more solid training ahead!
Met up with a friend earlier on to hang out and have lunch. Went to Botak Jones for lunch. Not too shabby, though fries could have been a little more well cooked. They seemed a little soggy to me. But that's my personal take once again. Now back home and thinking whether i should go entertain the guys to play mahjong or should i just start moving stuff to Kor's place. Hehe...
Anyway, here's the newest chinese song that has caught my fancy. Really nice lyrics. Plus the MTV is so moving! Wah..

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