Friday, June 06, 2008

Walk with me

I woke up this morning feeling tired. Exhausted. Drained. Not just physically, mentally but also emotionally. Nothing major happened. But somehow, i felt very overwhelmed this morning. And it sure has been a rather long day for me judging from this post. And to think i actually thought i would have an early night this evening. But oh well, i guess it was worth staying up! =)
I think i've always been a rather emotional person. And i attach myself to things pretty quickly. And when i care about something, i do so with a huge amount of fierce intensity. And i suppose, there are pros and cons to stuff. But over the years, i suspect i've blocked out the feeling to feel. I would like to believe i've become more rational, more logical and less of a listen to my heart sort of person. Sure, my gut feel still works occasionally, and once in a while i still get bad vibes. But when it comes to people, i would think i've become less trusting. Especially so when it comes to matters of the heart. I'm wondering at this point of time whether it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as a result.
Or maybe sometimes, it's just a lot easier to not dwell on the issues and things that need to be sorted out. And that at times, i think that as long as i can shove it under the rug, and it isn't an eyesore, or it doesn't bug me that much, then i probably can live with it. The only time i have to seriously consider and think about it is when it becomes an issue and problem. Okie. Obviously i'm not really making sense at 3 in the morning and this topic needs a lot more thought.
So on a lighter note, the day in general was alright. Was pretty tired throughout the day. But managed to catch a short nap while i was on the train. Yes. You heard me right. I was on the MRT today. =) Was supposed to meet some friends for dinner, but it was between dinner and earning a 100 bucks. I picked the latter. Just ended and came home. Very tired actually. So this will be a short post. I will write more about the above topic after i give it some thought. A little hard to explain right now coz it's still all jumbled up in my head and i'm a little confused. Probably over the weekend.
Oh, someone i respect pretty much msned me today. And asked if i was really doing the duathlon this Sunday. And told me to reconsider doing it coz it might potentially do permanent damage to my body. I thought it was very sweet of the person. And probably coz i respect him lots and he was a huge help to me when i was starting out in this sport, i told him i would seriously give it some thought. But still in a dilemma really. But i guess i have 2 more days to sleep on it and come up with a conclusion. My Zzzzzzz monster has been calling since 8 this evening and i think i ought to go and pacify him. Nitez u all!

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