Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Monday

It's so late and i'm so tired. But i so want to blog before going to bed. The time now is 3am. =) Anyway, was reading some stuff online so haven't sleep yet! Market looks horrid tonight. Cannot imagine the mayhem the US markets will cause the Asia markets in the morning. Two day up, one week down. Seems to be the trend now.
After resting one solid day from Sundown Marathon, i am still aching like mad. When i woke up this morning, places where i never knew muscle existed ached like crazy. Basically i was telling a friend, from eyes downwards i was still sore and aching. And the best part is, after sleeping like a pig for like close to 8 hours, i wake u feeling pain, sores and aches from the rest of the body. Worse then after Sundown. Coz then it was only legs pain. Anyway, went for breaky with my friend. =) Was actually deciding whether to have breaky with him, coz a little jealous from last night. But decided i really wanted to see him. So went for breaky and coffee. Kinda sweet. Missed him quite a bit. And it is definitely getting a little out of hand and i must say i am a little head over heels. Almost everyday also meet up, but every day also miss him. Is that normal? Hehe
Then came home, changed and Daddy sent me to office. I actually wanted to ride my bike to work coz it was sunny. But after starting the bike and sitting on it, i realized just how unstable my legs were still. Feels almost like the aftermath of tearing my ligaments. Legs were wobbly, sudden slight movements causes pain. Hmm... Anyway, headed to office. No one from my agency was around. So much for the fine. =P But also good lah. Coz no one around then i figured since i signed in already, then can go for my massage. hehe. So took a bus for 3 stops and headed off for a 75min whole body massage at Yen's shop.
The lady who was doing the massage for me kept on going on and on about how tight my muscles were, how crazy it is to treat my body this way, and how she hasn't applied any strength and i was already screaming in pain. But i was certain she took some joy in hearing my screams. =P Was texting throughout the massage. Wah. Damn pain manz. But there is some kind of delight that goes with the pain. Damn! I always knew i was sadistic. But not to this extent. Anyway, felt a lot fresher after the 75minutes of torture. I remember saying something to the lady who was massaging my back. That once in a while it's good to have this sort of pain. Makes you appreciate life a little more knowing that in the daily grind, one is actually enjoying life. Anyway, pain makes me alive to a certain degree! =P
Imagine my surprise when i came out from the massage and saw Pic's mum. Haaa... Then i said hi to auntie and she said Pic was also around. Really surprised and happy lor. Coz they just got back from Philippines last nite. And i seriously miss him. They were away for more then a week, plus i usually go holidays with them. So felt a little alone this time round when the gang was away and i was in Singapore. But i had my reasons for not going. I think money being the key factor! Yeah i know Pic will probably pay for most of my expenses there, and i probably only need to fork out air tix. Food and accomodation will be provided for. But i'm so darn broke. Plus registered for school and school fees are going to so kill me. Anyway, it was alos a rather long trip and there's horse racing. And who would want to go for a vacation when they can torture themselves running a marathon?? =P
Anyway, saw Pic pic and i suppose we were both just really happy to see each other. We were hugging at the shop and one of the staff there said we looked like long lost siblings. But also true lah. I really treat him like my big brother and i have really really miss him. No one ask me go party the whole week, ask me go karaoke, ask me go watch movie leh. Hee... Anyway, Pic sent me back to office. Really sweet of him lor. Save me a bus trip and having to climb that horrible overhead bridge. I can walk today rather normally already, but going up and down steps are still a killer. Anyway, he drove me back to office first before sending auntie back home. Hee... My guardian angel must be working over time these last two days.
Stayed in office till evening time, before coming home to shower and change. Meeting my friend once again! hee... Can't get enough of each other. There was Monday swim that i skipped. I figured i deserved a break, that i was still sick. But more importantly, i felt he needed me more tonight coz he would probably have a tough day tomorrow. So didn't go for my recovery swim in the end. Although if i go sleep now, i might be able to wake up early for a recovery swim before heading to work. But i want to finish blogging first, so i guess sleep just has to wait. Anyway, i was late in getting home coz didn't know i'll take so long to walk back from the MRT. Horrible. Legs felt wobbly and unstable still. Felt really hungry although i had lunch only at about 3.30pm. But decided i really needed to eat again. The marathon sure has taken lots out of my body. Still in starvation mode. So stopped at the coffee shop for dinner which was a good break from the long journey back from the mrt stations. And its just a 10minute walk on normal days. You can imagine what a chore it was to walk. =)
Finished dinner, slowly prodded back home, took a quick shower and went to meet him. Went to hang out at our usual place, which is also his feel good place. I let him talk coz i figured he would probably feel better after sharing his problems. Oh wait, before he got to talking, my brother called. So happy. Everyone is back in Singapore. Somehow, it feels good to know Pic and Kor are both back in town, close to me! Ok. So we chatted for a while, hung out a bit more and came home! By then it was late and he has to wake up early like at 5ish.
But all in all i had a great time out with him tonight. Every time we hang out, i find new things about him which i adore. I guess that's normal when its the start of something beautiful. There is a part of me that wishes this can and will last a lifetime. But i guess i've never really had any luck when it comes to love. So i will tread carefully with this one. But the feeling was a really great feeling. I can't quite describe the feeling or the reasons behind why i feel good when we hang out, maybe that's love? Anyway, he's really sweet and all to me. And i'm keeping my fingers crossed that things between us will last and we'll both make each other happy! Ok. I'm beginning to sound like a lovelorn fool! Forgive me!
So i guess, all in all, other then the aches and pain that is Good pain, the whole day went pretty well!
Eh... last thing before i sleep. Below is the list of shows i would like to watch. Any takers?
1) Kung Fu Panda
2) Sex in the City (Pic??)
3) Made of Honor
4) Narnia
Text me if u want to catch any of the shows together. Alright! Really need to hit the sack. Till later then. Hopefully the legs will feel better when i wake so i can do ENR tomorrow nite! Nitez!

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