Thursday, June 26, 2008


Stolen off someone's blog. But thoughts that ring true to my heart. =)

Trust & Relationships
Trust is the glue which holds relationships together"Trust enables relationships to develop and flourish. When trust erodes, the relationship deteriorates. Doubts, which can creep into our thinking about the behaviour of the other person, can act like a poison and a cancer, quickly spreading to sabotage the relationship. Mistrust has a devastating impact on relationships and on the types and quality of conversations that will occur.
Whilst trust is an indispensable component of positive and productive relationships, unfortunately it is something that can all too easily be taken for granted. We may only become aware of its importance when we feel trust has been broken.
Within our relationships it is all too easy to take trust for granted and overlook its pivotal role in our interactions with others. Trust can be regarded as a fragile element of relationships which needs continual nurturing. One or two instances can raise important and lingering questions, which may remain in the background and have a silent but devastating impact on the quality of the relationship.Trust is the central pillar supporting any real relationship. With so much at stake, be it emotions, finances, children or future goals, there needs to be implicit trust for love to fully develop. Building trust in a relationship takes hard work and commitment. Trust requires that you listen to each other and communicate your needs. Trust requires honesty above all else. Once you’ve built trust, you’ve done something magical, and you should do everything in your power to keep it if you plan on maintaining your relationship.In order to know what it is your partner needs to feel safe, you have to listen to what they’re telling you. Trust takes time, but if you communicate effectively you’ll have a stronger foundation to build on. You can’t build trust if you’re constantly spending a lot of time apart from your person you're trying to build trust with.
If you love someone, would you care enough to try to forgive that person? now i realised.. that understanding is one of the pillar of a r/s, not just trust.. understand is more important then trust.. everyone is finding love.. but now i am starting to doubt that there can ever be that ONE love for u.. its not impossible.. but the ONE for u is not the one that u love the most, rather, its the one that UNDERSTANDS u the most.. he or she would accept the mistakes u made, and forgive u.. they would try to change the points where they feel that are negative and wait for you to change.. most importantly, they would give up all logical reasoning and follow their emotions.. lastly.. i honestly believe if a person loves you.. he or she would go through thick or thin with you.... that is the most valuable aspect..

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