Thursday, June 05, 2008

Just me

Doesn't take a genius to figure out which is my all time fav poem by Shel Silverstein. =)
Pretty normal day for me today i suppose. Went for appt, went to office. Only thing that probably got me a little bothered was i was supposed to meet my friend at 7.45pm. We were supposed to go meet someone else. But as usual, i get carried away when i'm at work. Plus was chatting with my UM. And all of a sudden, i realized it was 7.40pm. Rushed out of office and home. The irritating thing about driving a van is you can't drive on the 1st lane. And the other irritating thing about some drivers is simply, if you're going to be driving at 60km or 70km/hr, stay in the 3rd lane!!!! Didn't they teach u this in driving school? Anyway, got home late definitely. Considering how far it is between home and ofc. Felt really horrid for making my friend wait. Plus, making him late for his appointment. Anyhow, he wasn't too angry i suppose. But still somehow felt bad.
Erm, hung out for a while after meeting with his friend. Had a little chat before coming home. Seems like of late, other then updating each other about our day and some of our thoughts and feelings, we have been talking about really serious stuff. =P I suppose it's a good thing that we're both laying our cards out on the table first before taking the plunge. Just so we know how far and how deep the water is right below.
Have you ever been to an arcade recently? I have. I suppose i've always enjoyed going to the arcades. Somehow, it takes my mind off the problems at hand and transports me into a world that is worry free. I have games that i enjoy playing very much. But then again, usually at the off peak hours where i don't have to compete with the hordes of teenagers and school going kids. I go through phases when going to the arcade. I remembered the time where i was crazy about daytona. Then there was the dance dance revolution and para para stage. Then came the drums stage. And finally now, i am at the hoops stage. But one thing that has changed dramatically in my arcade behavior was that when i was relatively younger, i used to enjoy playing games that gave out tickets. I would collect many many tickets and redeem them for gifts. Friends used to say i was crazy. Coz the amount of money i spent at the arcade, i could have easily bought the soft toy or easily bought whatever it was i exchanged it for. But somehow, it just felt different.
I suppose you could look at it in a different perspective. I get my money's worth coz i enjoy playing the game, and on top of that, i get my soft toys or whatever gift i wanted to use my tickets to exchange. =) But here's the thing. After a while, i stopped wanting to exchange the tickets for gifts. Maybe coz as i grew older, i outgrew the gifts. And although i still enjoyed playing some of the games, i would no longer need the tickets. Like that arcade at great world city? Every time i play hoops, they would give me tickets. Though i kinda think that they've changed the machines. Haven't been there for a while now. But, there was a point where i was playing the game still, but giving away tickets to the kids i met there.
So why this random post about arcade tickets and gifts? I guess the point that i'm trying to drive across is, at some point in my life, the tickets were really important. Kinda like earning little credits. =P And knowing that when you earn enough credits/tickets, you'll get to exchange it for something important and big. But one day, you'll wake up and realize that the important and big things aren't as important and big. Not that they aren't important and big. But rather, how important and big something is, is generally just the emphasis you place on it. And therefore, you still earn ur credits/tickets but you'll probably not use it to do the exchange. Does that make sense?

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