Thursday, June 26, 2008


Trawling in the sea of love,
Just going with the flow.
I caught a pretty mermaid once,
But I had to let her go.

Now, fifty years have come and gone,
The sun is hanging low.
I'll cast my heart out one last time,
And then this boat, I'll stow.

Wait... I sense a tiny flutter..
Something's tugging at my bait!
She's pulling at my heartstrings..
Perhaps, I'm not too late!

But this angelfish is wild and strong,
And my line has gotten weak.
I reel her in so very slow,
With the tender words I speak.

She wants to bolt; she wants to dart,
She tries to swim away.
As I watch her disappear from me,
I bow my head to pray...

"Dear God, you sent me, from above,
A love that is so fine.
Please tell me, Lord, what can I do
To make this angel mine?"

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