Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Monday is swimming day!!!!!11

Alright! I admit, its been a while since i hit the pools. Since i did any form of physical activity other then walk from the couch to the fridge and back. I jest! Anyway, it feels absolutely great that Monday is once again swimming day.
The whole day went about pretty well. Was actually rather apprehensive about going for swim training. And i was so close to chickening out at 6.30pm. I did spend a good 15 minutes weighing my options and i figured i couldn't run away from this. At some point, i would have to go back to train, unless of course i decide that i was ready to quit the sport. And i wasn't. Phew.... Got that one out of the way.
Today's workout was interesting. Many new faces. As permanent resident of lane 1, i stuck to my lane. But i noticed that with a little more training throughout this week and next, i should easily ease into lane 2 and get some drafting advantage which i sorely miss while swimming in lane 1. Reached pool late after the excessive dilemma. So, didn't get much warm up done. Warm up was only 100m, then 5*100m pull buoy and 13*100m freestyle with 15s rest interval. Didn't quite keep to the 15s rule coz it was based on the last person in the lane to touch the wall. And i touched the wall almost a full minute ahead of our last swimmer. So i had quite a bit of rest in between. After that, we decided to cut back rest time. But i still had the solid 15s rest before heading out. Only disadvantage is no chance to draft.
Some of the regular faces weren't around during training. Julzz and Yanglyn were both out of town, Teryn was working. Gary wasn't around as well. But a smaller group at dinner meant more opportunities to catch up and just chat normal non-tri stuff. Dinner attendance included Kenneth, Dion, Annie, Llyod, Eve, Ying, Myself, Li Ying and Bernard. One table today only. Li Ying, Bernard and Kenneth left earlier as usual, leaving the rest of us to chit chat. Attendance could be down due to the numerous races happening back to back this month and next. Some folks were also probably still resting after yesterday's race. Osim this weekend, PD the next. One week break before Desaru, Army Half, Aviva, Masters Swim, Night tri... etc
Anyway, only signed up for Army Half as of today. Keeping my sights on Masters swim, Standard Chartered at year end. Thinking really hard about ITU Hong Kong. And might get pressured to do Night tri. Really depends. Will see what happens in the following weeks, whether i pick up my training pace, whether my body tunes in quickly.
All in all, an excellent swimming session for me. Good because it was short distances to ease back into training. If it was one of those crazy workouts that involved 300s, i would be so dead. But 100s are just nice for me. Keep them short the way i like them. Plus i love using the pull buoy. All lazy swimmers love them. =)Will squeeze in a long swim tomorrow to clock mileage if the sun is bright and shiny in the morning. Other then the training program being superb for me, it was nice receiving an sms from Dion after dinner welcoming me back to the tri family. Gave me some really mushy stuff like they've missed my presence, missed me etc. Said they were all worried about me, worried that i might have burnt out, or been too traumatized after Sundown. I guess it was a little of both. But i suppose only i know the answer as to why i have been slack and have not attended trainings. Anyway, i'm damn glad Mondays are once again swimming days. Somehow, Mondays feel different without training and dinner and chit chat. And of course the company of great friends.
Heading to bed now. So can do secret training tomorrow. Nitez

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