Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Weekend

The whole week didn't go too well in my favor. And was a little disturbed that i was going to race my virgin OD triathlon on Sunday. Mentally not quite prepared, physically even worse due to insufficient training because of poor time management and laziness. But already agreed to go up with friends, so decided that if i didn't race, i'll be a supporter.
Saturday morning didn't start off all too well for me either. Woke up early coz didn't pack the night before due to it being a racing night, and was super hungry after racing, do decided to head off for supper. Reached home close to 1.30am, and decided that packing could wait. Was so super duper tired. Saw Darling's sms that he was going to meet me before i head off to Port Dickson. But in the end, due to lack of sufficient communication, we didn't get to meet. I was upset of course. =( And we ended having our first little tiff. Anyway, Jerry came to pick me up at about 10.20am and off we went to meet the rest at shell station.
We were the last car to reach surprisingly. Guess the theory is true. The nearer you stay, the later you'll be. Quite a few cars driving up together. There was adventure-racer Wilson and family, there was Julzzz and Reaves, there was Sk who was supporting only, there was CEO Edkor and wife and son, there was Babumouse Michael, SC Prata Nigel and Evangelis Enrico, and Acturix not sure what his real name is. The rest had already set off earlier but we were smarter. coz they cleared the customs at about the same time we did. IMIM Clifford, Don, Tee etc.
We stopped for lunch at Ayer Hitam after Edkor brought us on a sightseeing tour. Haha... Quite funny. Coz all following the lead car. But typical scenario of the blind leading the blind. Finally reach Port Dickson at 4 plus. But not without a hiccup. As we were entering PD, Teryn sms to say that the race hotel cock up her booking, and that she didn't have a room for Jerry and myself. Die liaoz. Coz we told Eng Boon ealier on in the moring that we were taking Yanglyn's room coz he backed out last minute. Then suddenly when about to reach race site, then tell us no room, then jialat. Heng Eng Boon also decided to not turn up at PD. So we took his room in the end. Quite lucky coz there was only one hotel which had room then, the crappy hotel that everyone swore not to stay in after last year's horrid experience.
Reached PD, headed straight to race hotel for registration and to buy powergel coz i forgot to bring powergel to PD. Then went to hotel to check in. The hotel was not too bad lah. Service apartment sort. And quite cheap lah. 100Rm for one night. Had a big living room sort of thing. After check in, prepared bike for race, check bike before heading back to race hotel for carbo loading dinner. Dinner sucked big time manz. After dinner, didn't stay for race briefing coz went with Julzz, reaves, Edkor and family, Acturix, Sk, Jerry, Matthew and friend for makan session round 2 at the night market. Didn't dare to eat much at the street side store. Scared next day tummy ache. Then some of them wanted to go for beer after that, but Jerry and I decided that we needed rest more then we needed to get drunk. Plus who drinks beer before race? Dehydrated plus dehydration is a sure way to get heat stroke, bonk and collapse before reaching finishing point.
Crappy Carbo loading dinner. Check out my face!
Went back, packed everything nicely, showered and slept like a baby. Was asleep before 11.30pm although i did get aroused by an sms. Hee.. But didn't reply lah. Too tired manz.
Woke up early at about 5.30am. But wasn't suppose to be up till 6am, so i rolled over and went back to sleep. Woke up at 6am, wash up, ate breakfast and got ready to leave. Best part was lift was jammed. So, had to carry bikes down 11 floors. Took it pretty positively. After all, can take as warm up right? Cycled to race site. Wah. So many people. Pretty intimidating. A lot of hot shot athletes. Quite a lot of big names were there also. Was in wave 4, so my wave starting at 8.20 only. Was pretty jittery due to insufficient mental and physical preparation. But i told myself one leg at a time. Finish swim then will think about bike. Finish bike then will think about run. Pretty decent strategy for me i guess.
Got kicked a couple of times in the swim by the same person. Quite irritated. Tried to speed up to drop the girl, then she also speed up. Level up with me, then swim breastroke. Faintz. Anyway, got out of the water before 34mins. Ran to rinse off, then slowly jog to transition. Then best part was i left the powergel in hotel room. So effectively, i had no nutrition plan other then the can of coffee that i had not drank in the morning. So put on my biking stuff, took half a can of coffee before off i went on the bike leg. The other half was for after the bike leg =)
Bike route was pretty hilly. But quite interesting for me coz only 1 loop. Then get to see all the other cyclist on the other side of the road. Every time i was climbing the hills, i would motivate myself that what comes up, must come down. Then i also didn't allow myself to slack off while going down slope because hoping momentum will take me up half of the next slope. And in a while, i was at the U-turn point. The journey back was even better. Was taking in the sights, and just pushing on the pedals. And i didn't think of what else needed to be done. Just pedal. Motto of the bike leg. Hee.. Then saw many familiar faces. Some of them had already started running. While i was turning back on the bike leg to transition, i saw Lloyd. Impressive man. Finishing race liaoz i haven't even start run. Haha...
Reached transition, took off all the biking stuff, hooked bike up and changed to running shoes. Only took 1 sip of water, and 1 mouthful of yukky coffee coz under the sun too long. Then another sip of water and i was out of T2. Looked at my watch, 2hrs 10 mins. Was feeling damn good, damn high and damn strong. Was thinking in my head, i'm ahead of schedule. Can take a slow jog at about 7min/km pace and still finish the race before 3hr 30mins. Felt great still. At 2km mark, i was still joking and feeling damn high. The sun was started to heat up real bad and was wondering what happens if i get burnt on one side and not the other side. By the 3rd km, i was starting to really really feel the sun. By 4th km, i was almost out. Started a walking a little, but told myself to persist till at least the U turn point. Hit the U-turn point, ran till 6km and something in me just gave up. I was feeling high, but not the sort of high that comes with adrenaline rush. It was the sort of dizzy, faint feeling. Felt like a headache was starting. Felt thirsty. Hungry. Horrid. Gave up, and started walking. Walked till about 8.5km point before i started jogging again. Already i knew i blew my 3hr 30min time. So slow and steady all the way. Drenched myself at each of the rest point and jogged with wet shoes and socks. Finally finished the race in 3hr 40min. Not too far away from my projected time, but i guess i could have done it in 3hr 30min or less if i had stuck to my run plan. Worst 10km run i've ever had.
The start of the worst 10km run i've done in my life
After that, cycled back to hotel, showered, packed, checked out, met the rest for lunch, had durians, pumped petrol and headed back to Singapore. Stuck at Tuas checkpoint due to horrid jam. Finally back home at 8.45pm.
Some after race thoughts. Boo-boo at run leg could have been avoided if i had been sufficiently prepared. Meaning variety of run times. Sometimes must run in noon day sun. Also, not enough mileage clocked for run ever since Sundown. Actually to be precise, no mileage clocked after sundown. Other then that, i guess it boils down to training more and training harder. Now i finally understand the term, train hard race easy. Will be back in PD next year again. I have a score to settle. hehe

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