Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Growing up

Can't sleep so sat up in bed finally and decided to drop a note. Came home at about 12.30 after spending the night with Darling. It was nice. We hung out while he was doing his work. For a moment i could see myself doing this with him. Growing old. Enjoying each other's company. So all in all, Monday was not a blue day, but a fantastic day.
I now have to make a decision. I don't know how to make this decision coz there are so many variables. So many angles. It's a tough call. A hard decision to make. Maybe at the back of my mind, the decision has been made already. But i don't know to execute the plan. I have a vague idea. But the mind is willing, the heart is not.
Life throws us curveballs all the time. Maybe it's all part and parcel of growing up. i really dunno. Must be one of the hardest decision i have had to make all my life really. There really is no Right way. And i hate it when there is no Right way. Damn.

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