Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Thoughts over the weekend

As we grow older by the day, from our younger days of living on love and believing love works wonder and constantly feeling the need to feel in love, we start to age and as the aging process takes place, we begin to feel rather jaded and slowly losing the understanding of what love really is.
When I met Guardian years ago, I thought I found the one. In fact, I did for the longest of time. The feel is still the same but circumstances aren't. I started to not believe in life and what it can give anymore. I thought I could be irresponsible to myself and not care about things anymore. No matter what I did, I couldn't walk too far away nor ignore what others deem as harmful to me. I kept walking nearer and nearer to danger. Reluctant to get really hurt, I hide. Beneath the lively exterior, lies bags of tears waiting to be released.
In our life, we often do things that doesn't quite flush with our intentions and sometimes, we just play with fire till we burn our fingers. Good thing being, well, burning the tip of the fingernails. Things could have been worse but I'm not giving myself an easier time. I only have myself to blame all in the name of fun.
When i started out my relationship with Darling a couple of months ago, i never believed i would fall hopelessly in love. What started out as a single spark has now turned into the annual bonfire. And while i naively think that taking a step back would make things right again and make this world a more beautiful place, there is a part of me that can't bear to let go.
The soft spot I have for you doesn't seem to go away. I don't quite know if I ever want it or for myself to go away. By now, I should be furiously avoiding and retaliating, I am not. All I find myself doing is to accept what come may. Never have I felt so vulnerable, waiting for pain to invade. The refusal to believe that you may never be mine hasn't quite hit home. Being all alone believing in myself and of course, the belief to believe in you doesn't quite go down very well with everyone else. Most thinks I'm stupid and I should be shaken out of the daze. I think, have faith. God told me just have faith and he'll take care of everything. I trust that I will breeze through the blades without getting cut. I can only refuse to wake up and convince myself that I'm invincible. The tears aren't helping... All I want is for you to step into the picture you drew for me and complete it. Maybe I should just wake up from this dream or was it a nightmare?

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