Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some old post -100 things i want to do

Was flipping through this old diary of mine. One that i kept when i was 18. Written before my a levels.. Haha.. That's like more then 10 years back manz. And i had this list of 100 things that i wanted to do with my loved one. No guesses who it was when i was 18.

1. Go on a holiday together
2. Go out together in a couple t-shirt
--> Maybe one of those printed ones or nike also can. Remember at 18 nike was the only brand i would wear =P
3. Go watch a musical together
--> When a good one comes to Singapore.
4. Stay out overnight at a chalet/hotel
5. Walk in the rain together
--> Dunno. But like quite romantic. Always see in the movies
6. Make a picture scrapbook of us.
--> Must take more pictures together.
7. Do a jigsaw puzzle together
--> Just thought this like quite fun. Plus not very costly.
8. Watch porn together
9. Go for a swim together
10. Take qwerky pictures
--> Can put all together in our scrapbook. Can imagine all the funny poses we can have.
11. Go all over Singapore and eat all the unhealthy food.
--> Yummy
12. Have a picnic at the park
--> Simple and romantic
13. Go for a trek at Bukit Timah Reserve
--> Healthy activities for healthy old me
14. Do a charity run together
15. Get a tattoo done
16. Rent a series of old musicals and watch together
--> Mary Poppins, King & I, West side story, Chicago etc
17. Learn to bake
--> So can bake him a cake on his birthday. This like not really do with him but do for him. hee
18. Learn to cook
19. Go cycling in ubin together
20. Learn a sport together
21. Get a bike license and go riding/biking together
--> Maybe can go touring on our bikes if no money to buy air ticket
22. Do some charity work for children
--> Ok! This one is I want to do.
23. Visit all of Singapore's places of interest
--> Sentosa, Zoo, Bird Park, Science Centre, National Museum, Art Museum... Dunno what else. Go find map. Then like tourist like that
24. Go see fireworks together
25. Take a cable car ride
26. Paint his room with him or paint our place together
27. Compete in SEA games
--> Eh, he can go as a supporter
28. Go to an amusement park
--> Singapore like don't have any amusement park. Maybe go Genting one, or Hong Kong Ocean Park
29. Have sex
30. Have sex in the sea
31. Have sex in the open
32. Have sex in the car
33. Have a sex marathon
--> Maybe 2 days of not having a care in the world and just pure making out like mad
34. Have at least 2 children together?
35. Go watch a live sex show together
--> Erm maybe Bangkok?
36. Role play a sex fantasy together
--> Can come up with our own story and act it out.
37. Take an aeroplane ride
38. Experiment with many different sex positions
39. Cycle round the island
40. Eh ... Sit in a ferris wheel?
--> One of my add to the numbers. I'm sure can find at amusement park. But quite romantic also. Kissing on top of the ferris wheel.
41. Sit in a hot air balloon
--> Dunno where have also. But part of my quite romantic things to do
42. Sit in a helicopter
43. Go somewhere romantic and chill out with a glass of wine?
44. Go star gazing
45. Go partying together
46. Go climb/trek a mountain
--> Mt Kinabalu, Mt Ophir, Kilimanjaro
47. Go to a nude beach
--> Think this is so cool
48. Backpack Europe
49. Go to liverpool and kiss the soccer pitch
--> This one confirm me. He's not even a soccer fan. Haa
50. Learn diving and chill out at the beach.
51. Go on an adventure trip to New Zealand
--> Camp/Backpack. Tasmania. Can ride horses there.
52. Go to Tibet/Nepal
--> Lakhsa. Have been wanting to go there since i was 14.
53. Go see fireflies
--> Malaysia have. Saw them on Geography trip in sec 3.
54. Visit Teman Negara
55. Visit Taj Mahal
56. Go sky diving
57. Run a marathon
--> Guess this is me again. But it would be nice if he came to support. Boston Marathon? New York Marathon?
58. Do a triathlon
--> Once again, it's me.
59. Take an elephant ride
60. Ride on a camel
61. Visit Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
62. Go kayaking together
63. Go on a cruise to nowhere
64. Disneyland!!!
--> Japan or States only
65. Learn dancing together
66. Learn a new language.
--> Japanese?
67. Go visit the amazon (South America)
68. Go skinny dipping at a nice beach
--> Bora-bora (Maldives) can go diving too
69. Go visit a real safari
--> Africa?
70. Take part in an adventure race?
--> Rock climbing, abseiling
71. Buy tickets to watch the Olympics live
--> Just interested in track and swimming, unless they have netball...
72. Go play go-kart
73. Go see F1/motor GP race
74. Own a penthouse And chill out
--> Think we will be quite old then. But with proper planning, anything is possible. Question is, will we still be together
75. Go for a spa/massage together
76. Take a train trip together. MRT not counted!
77. Take a graduation photo with him
78. Learn to play an instrument together
79. Visit Egypt
--> See the pyramids and sphinx
80. Greece and Athens
--> Where the first Olympics were held
81. Italy to see the Leaning Tower
82. Skiing at the Alps. No money can settle for Korea
83. See snow fall together.
--> I scared cold, but someone hug me can liaoz
84. Go to a Hot Sprint (Real and not man made)
85. Niagara Falls
86. Grand Canyon
87. Rome
--> Vatican City
88. Walk down the streets of Las Vegas
--> Sin City!!!! Strip clubs + gamble
89. Quebec City
90. Jerusalem/ Dead Sea/ Israel
91. Go see a gay parade
--> Madi Graas
92. Watch a broadway play in states together
93. Get proposed to on top of Eiffel Tower
--> Ok... confirm i am way above my head
94. Go on a road trip
95. Own a pet
96. Go visit Granny and Auntie together in Hong Kong
97. Go on a shopping spree and make him buy me lots and lots of pressies
98. Spend 'just us' time at a really nice hotel
99. Have a BBQ and invite everyone we know to attend
100. Go on a 'no frills' trip somewhere

More then 10 years down the road and my list is still more then 50% not completed. Hmm....

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